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Hot Products

Owl and Inchworm robots

Low cost metllic tank base and humanoid robot platforms...


Let's hacking Rescue crawler to a rescue robot...


We carry may products which are suitable for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) educations.

We are able to provide custom made metallic tanks and mobile base for your projects that based on your requirements. We can manufacture the tank with length from 50cm to 200cm with payload from 1kg to 150kg in our own factory. Also, we can build low cost pipe inspection robot platform in any sizes. Please contact us: for more information.

We are an authorized distributor of MIT Handyboard System and Expansion Board developed by Dr. Fred Martin of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab with a Licensed Interactive-C development tool for Handyboard and LEGO RCX. Handyboard is used in MIT 6.270 LEGO Robot Design contest


We have large collection of parts for science projects and robot constructions such as various robot platforms, sensors, gear box kits, servos, DC motors, stepper motors, drivers, and mechanical parts etc.

We also carry professional research robot platforms and robots for soccer, micromouse, Robotcon, WRO, First Robotics, and Sumo competitions.

Orders received will be shipped in the same day. That is, we will ship the order without waiting your money to arrive! Our philosophy of doing business is based on mutual TRUST and HONESTY.

No minimum order and quantity and you will save more...



What is new?

March 01, 2019 -- World's largest selection of robot arms (Dobot), robot hand and fingers, mechanical fingers, 6 DOF arm etc.

Dec 11, 2018 -- More metallic mobile platforms are added

Oct 10, 2018 -- We can custom made your metallic tank or base with length from 50cm to 200cm with payload from 10kg to 150kg or based on your requirements if you cannot find here



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