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MIT Handyboard System


HB-LAB-DB9/HB-LAB-DB25/HB-LAB-Mac ........US$379.00

HB-LAB-USB ........US$395.00

MIT Handyboard System Lab Set (includes everything such as under-neath battery case, 9.6V NiCd batteries, various sensors, and other lab accessories.)

  1. Assembled and Tested MIT Handyboard ( latest version is v1.2.1 ) and Serial/Battery charger boards with ALL components soldered
  2. All components on both boards (MC68HC11A 1, SN754410 motor drivers*, IR demodulator...etc.)
  3. Assembled and Tested MIT Handyboard Expansion Board (with software library)
  4. 16x2 LCD display (STN type)
  5. Under-neath battery case
  6. 9.6V 1000mAh NiCd Rechargeable Batteries
  7. 1 set of HB-SENSOR Complete Sensor Set (with application note)
  8. 2 packs of Futaba Standard Servos
  9. A pair of servo wheel ( 65mm in diameter and 5mm thick) to be mounted to the Futaba servo to build your own Robot. Note: Servo wheel may have different colors.
  10. 2 pcs of SRF04 sonar sensors
  11. 6 pcs of 6-12V Mabuchi-Motor
  12. 4" x 5" breadboard for the Robotic experiment
  13. 0.1" to 5" 14 different lengths with 25 pcs each Jump wire kits for the breadboard
  14. RJ11 modular cable for connecting Serial/Charger board to Handyboard main board
  15. DB9 or DB25 or Mac Serial downloading cable (please select one). This is to connect your Serial/Charger board to PC serial port (either DB9 or DB25 or Mac) . For example: Your mouse may connect to DB9 of your PC serial port.
  16. Licensed version Interactive-C (available in many platforms) with Handyboard Expansion Board software library
  17. FREE IC Version 6 is released . Get it from . Development work was sponsored by the KISS Institute For Practical Robotics, a non-profit educational organization. IC Version 6 is free to use and it is assumed to be used with HB Expansion board .
  18. One extra 8xAA size battery holder
  19. Handyboard Technical Reference in Acrobat format on CD (with Interactive-C manual) (75-page)
  20. L293D datasheet in Acrobat format on CD
  21. Assembled and Tested, Ready-to-Run by just providing any 8 pcs of AA size batteries (Alkaline, NiCd rechargable, or NiMh rechargable battery) to the provided battery holder or using any DC adpaters available in your local electronic appliances stores (>12V 500mA).
  22. Nuts and screws, spaces, and 2 photo-resistor sensors for the experiment.
  23. Educational Discount available.

*NOTE: All our Handyboard now comes with 4 High Current (1.1Amp) Bi-Directional Motor driver chip.



Handyboard Lab package is suitable for setting up a lab for experiments..

Handyboard is used in MIT 6.270 LEGO Robot Design contest .







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