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MIT Handyboard System


HB-BOOK .. Robotic Explorations: A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering .. US$66.00

Fred's book is ready! After a long time in the works, Robotic Explorations: A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering is completed! The ISBN is 0130895687. It is a must to have with Handyboard system. The book full of Interactive-C source code and hardware interface examples of MIT Handyboard system.

The HandyBug illustrated on the book is available as fully assembled kit from us. Check it out!!

For a HandyBug comes with complete Handyboard development system and the book, please check with our kit: HB-IC-HANDYBUG

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
Feedback Control, Cybernetics, and Robotics. Toys To Think With. About the Technology. An Overview of the Book.

2. A First Robot.
Interactive C and the Handy Board. The HandyBug. A First Program. Braitenberg Vehicles. Light and Touch Sensitivity. Randomness. Emergence and Meta-Sensing. Conclusion.

3. Sensors.
Sensor Interfacing. Building Sensors. Switch Sensors. Light Sensor Circuits. Resistive Position Sensors. Reflective Optosensors. Break-Beam Sensors. Shaft Encoding.

4. Motors, Gears, and Mechanism.
DC Motors. Gearing. Electronic Control. The Servo Motor. LEGO Design.

5. Control.
Simple Feedback Control. Proportional-Derivative Control. Sequential Control. Reactive Control. Conclusion.

6. Advanced Sensing.
Quadrature Shaft Encoding. Infrared Sensing. Ultrasonic Distance Sensing with the Polaroid 6500. Optical Distance Sensing with the Sharp GP2D02. Sensor Data Processing.

A. Inside the Handy Board Design.
Introduction to Microprocessors and the 68HC11. Introduction to Assembly Language Programming. The 68HC11 with the Handy Board Hardware. The AS11 Assembler. Differences between A and E Series 68HC11 CPUs.

B. Construction Techniques.
DC Motor. Servo Motors. Infrared Sensor and Transmitter. LEGO Adapter Cables.

C. Serial Communications and Data Collection.
Serial Line Interaction. Connecting to a Terminal Program. Printing to the Serial Line. Capturing Data.

D. Handy Board Reference.
Specifications. Ports and Connectors. Battery Maintenance. Part Listing. Printed Circuit Board Layouts.

E. Interactive C Reference.
Quick Start. 6811 Downloaders. Interactive C.

F. Robot Contests.
Introduction. Sample Contests. Contest Rule Analysis. Conclusion.

G. Resources.



Several Universities have used HandyBug in classroom for student projects.

Handyboard is used in MIT 6.270 LEGO Robot Design contest .







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